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Internet Relay Chat is what True Hackers use to communicate. Aren't you a True Hacker?

It is highly recommended that you join our IRC channel (#gnu-e-ducks) and put it in a screen session if you plan on being involved with hackerclub.

Our Channel

Our channel is, so far, the most reliable way to keep in touch with hackerclub.

Channel: #gnu-e-ducks


there's also the #tesc channel for Evergreen in general, but those guys are punks.

How to join

The recommended way to use IRC is to have an irc client running in a virtual console (see screen) on a machine that you SSH into (most likely ada) so that you are not creating join/part spam, but more importantly so you can read what people have said while you were in class or out partying.

If you are too stubborn to do it this way, Colloquy is a good client for Mac, mIRC is good for windows, and if you do that Ubuntu thing but you're not a Console Cowboy, XChat is acceptable for Linux.

Once you've logged into your client, the standard syntax for connecting to a network is: /connect <network> ( to connect to freenode).

After you've connected, type /join <channel> to join a channel (#gnu-e-ducks in this case).


irssi is the goto IRC client of choice for greeners. It's already installed on ada and configured to connect to freenode you can join freenode by typing /connect

It is highly recommended you read about and use Screen if you're going to use irssi (or any CLI irc client for that matter). Like seriously, please use Screen.


Log into ada using SSH:

ferris@home-computer:~$ ssh

. . .

Welcome to ADA!

If using Screen (please use it!!!), attach to your session and type irssi:

buefer21@ada:~$ irssi

You'll then be shoved into the client. Every irssi command starts with a '/' (enter /help to see them all).

Type /connect to connect to the network, then /join #gnu-e-ducks to join our channel:

[...] /connect
[...] /join #gnu-e-ducks

Tadaaaaa! There ya go. Hold the alt key with the arrow keys to swap between windows (or the esc key on Mac I think).

Common Commands

  • Use /nick to change your handle (nickname):
[#gnu-e-ducks] /nick ferris
08:22 -!- You are now known as ferris
  • /msg <username> will open a private window with you and that person:
[...] /msg pipecork
[pipecork] you've messed everything up again
  • /wc closes the current window:
[pipecork] i hope you die in a ditch
[pipecork] /wc
08:25 -!- query with pipecork closed
  • /topic <topic> changes the topic of the channel:
[#gnu-e-ducks] /topic pipecork's really done it this time. block him on facebook pronto.
08:33 -!- ferris changed the topic of #gnu-e-ducks to: pipecork's really done it this 
time. block him on facebook pronto.
08:34 <@arthurdent> already have
08:42 <@loocorez> thanks for the heads up.


Use /help to see a list of all the commands, and /help <command> to see the manual for that specific command.

command function
/connect <network> connect to irc network <network>
/join <channel> connect to channel <channel>
/nick <username> change your handle to <username>
/msg <username> open a pm window with <username>
/whois <username> query meta-information about a user
/wc close the current window


Look at the Irssi Manual for a detailed description of configuration options. Check out File:Sample Irssi Config.txt for a solid template. Make sure to change nick and password!